October for 2Miners: Ethereum pool record, Ravencoin support and Ethereum Classic protection

October is over, which means it is time to summarise the results. For the 2Miners mining pool, it is remembered for its improvements – both in terms of the user interface and infrastructure at data centre level. We also remember the improvement in the Ethereum Classic network, the problems of Bitcoin Compass ASIC minimers and the updating of popular minimers.

Update Ethereum Pool 2Miners

The 2Miners team carried out the planned renovation of the server infrastructure in the data centre in Europe. The goal of the update is to ensure the stable operation of the pool at a high level. The etherium pool was moved to even more powerful servers. Thanks to the skills and efforts of the developers, the translation was smooth and what was happening did not have any impact on the shaping.

The 2Miners Etherium Pool also went over 4,000 miners online. This is a record.

Protecting the Ethereum Classic network

In October, good news was waiting for the Ethereum Classic miners. On block number 11,380,000, the developers implemented MESS, a solution for network security. As a result, not a single successful attack on the network was conducted in a month.

The 2Miners pool reduced the time to confirm blocks for ETC to 500 new blocks – approximately two hours. Payments to miners are made automatically every two hours if the sum reaches 0.1 ETC.

We recommend using Ethereum Classic as a miner here:

PPLNS: etc.2miners.com
SOLO: solo-etc.2miners.com

Available data also shows that cryptocurrency exchanges reduce the confirmation time. For example, the Binance platform now only requires 500 confirmations.

Support for Ravencoin Pool 2Miners audit

The 2Miners Mining Pool Team decided to support Ravencoin in conducting a security audit of the project code. The pool has therefore donated 100,000 RVN – the network’s native tokens – for this purpose.

Ravencoin is an open project with no commissions for developers and foundations, so its representatives really need support. As the main developer of the project under the pseudonym Tron Black later specified, the necessary equivalent of 40 thousand dollars has already been collected for the audit. And the 2Miners pool was happy to be part of it.

We recommend Mainit Ravencoin here:

PPLNS: rvn.2miners.com
SOLO: solo-rvn.2miners.com

Etherium Mining Problems at Innosilicon A10

Many ASIC owners reported a decrease in the hash rate during Etherium and Ethereum Classic production. As always, the reason for this was the increase in the DAG file.

Even the Innosilicon A10 Pro with 5 GB of memory already provides around 80-85 percent of the manufacturer’s declared capacity.

Alas, it is impossible to help the miners from the pool. The 2Miners team recommends that ASIC owners contact the manufacturer and ask for updated firmware – this is the only solution in this situation.

Unfortunately, ASIC will no longer support Ethereum Classic mining once the DAG file in the network is reduced. It is expected that this will happen already at the end of November. Read more in a separate article.

Zombie Mining Mode and other miner updates

Starting with the epoch number 382 – tentatively on 16 December – all video cards with 4 GB of memory will no longer contain the Etherium. The problem in this case will be the growth of the DAG file needed to extract the cryptographic currency.

Fortunately, the developers of the miners have been working to solve the problem and have already found one way to rectify the situation. In particular, representatives of the lolMiner team have updated their own miner and added support for the so-called zombie mode of cryptocurrency mining. The latter will allow 4 GB video cards to continue to be mined until the beginning of 2021. Similar functionality has been added by the developers of TeamRedMiner.

The developers of other miners have also released updates to their software. The archive for a quick start of mining has already been updated. The password from it has remained the same – 2miners, without spaces or capital letters.

Maintainers have been updated:

  • gminer 2.28
  • lolminer 1.11
  • t-rex 0.18.1
  • nbminer 32.1
  • phoenix 5.1c

Claymore’s popular ETC and ETH miner will no longer be able to handle ETC and ETH production soon – around 6 November for Ethereum Classic and 29 December for Etherium. We recommend that the software be updated in advance.

The 2Miners team has launched a separate pool and has tested different miners to find the best. The test results are described in this article.

Epoch number and DAG file size

Recently everyone has been talking about the number of the era in the Ethash/Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm and the size of its DAG file. This is not surprising, as it depends on it whether each individual video card and ASIC will be able to handle the extraction. These parameters are now displayed in the 2Miners pool dashboard for each Ethash coin.