Cronje’s DeFi token KP3R increases by 2,000 percent within a few hours founder Andre Cronje is starting a new Ethereum experiment with Keep3r. Hungry investors are rushing to the new DeFi token KP3R, which has grown by almost 3,000 percent since yesterday.

Yearn Finance creator Andre Cronje is probably one of the most famous faces in the DeFi sector

Now he recently launched his new project called Keep3r with the associated KP3R token. As in previous projects of the developer, this time the investment-hungry users rushed to the token.

The data from the decentralized market Uniswap showthat the KP3R token was trading at around $ 10 after its launch yesterday. Within a few hours it recorded a growth of around 2,000 percent. Those interested can currently purchase KP3R for a whopping 308.83 US dollars, an increase of nearly 3,000 percent. On The News Spy review, the liquidity pool for the KP3R / ETH trading couple yesterday had liquidity of $ 13 million and a trading volume of approximately $ 157,000.

The decentralized marketplace for freelancers

According to Cronjes Github, which was released for this new system on October 19th, the Keep3r network is a decentralized marketplace where projects can post jobs and users can accept jobs. The jobs can be „as simple as invoking a transaction or so complex that they require extensive off-chain logic“. As a job example, Cronje mentions the “harvest” function in a safe.

The idea with Keep3r is to promote projects that are tied to manpower. As with, for example, part of the work or maintenance is to be given to a group of freelancers. To ensure that the user is suitable for a job, ie smart contracts, job advertisements such as „a minimum deposit, a minimum number of completed jobs and the minimum age of the keeper required to perform this function“ can be provided. The system rewards the freelancers for each completed work in KP3R tokens. 95 percent of the log was created with the Solidity programming language and 4.1 percent with the JavaScript programming language. On Github the description is as follows:

The scope of the Keep3r network is not to manage these jobs itself, but to allow the contracts to register as jobs for Keeper and to allow the Keeper to register themselves as available to run jobs. It is up to each keeper to set up their equipment and infrastructure and make their own rules based on which transactions they find profitable.

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